emma frost's recap of avx

Emma Frost: Avengers, which one of us would you say is responsible for intercepting and accidentally breaking a deadly cosmic force and injecting it, involuntarily may I remind all of you, into us? Creating an overwhelming environment where we couldn’t control ourselves? Because you know who wasn’t responsible? It wasn’t Cyclops and it wasn’t me. That was you, Tony Stark!
Iron Man: So it’s my fault that you took that power and did horrible things with it?
Cyclops: Horrible things like feed the poor and try to save the–
Emma Frost: Take responsibility for the things that you’ve done, Stark!
Iron Man: I did! I made a mistake and I fixed it. The Phoenix is gone. You’re welcome. Now it’s your turn to take responsibility.
Cyclops: Could you give us a minute?
Iron Man: Give you a minute?
Hawkeye: Yeah, you know, you did actually break the Phoenix and–
Iron Man: Shut up.

– Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #3

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