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Superman Is Mad

it's over
Superman: My name…… My Earth name…… is Clark Kent.

it's over 2
Superman: I am…I was a reporter for the Daily Planet. As a journalist, I spent too much time writing about the evil in the world. As a hero, I have spent too much time reacting to evils already perpetrated. No more. What happened yesterday can never be allowed to happen again. Monsters can no longer roam free among us. This man turned his weapons against his own people. He is a criminal. And he will be tried as one. To those who would do the same, those who would hurt others, know that I will come for you.

it's over 3

Superman: I don’t care about your lands or your beliefs. I don’t care about your petty squabbles. I don’t care if you’re a madman or a terrorist, a king or a president. You do not have the right to take innocent lives. I am calling for an immediate world-wide ceasefire. All hostilities will stop immediately–or I will stop them. It’s over.

Injustice Gods Among Us #06

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