A+X is an ongoing series which showcases a random Avenger and X-Men working together on a wide variety of missions. The series started after the conclusion of Avengers VS X-Men, Marvel’s much hyped crossover event of 2012, and is part of the Marvel Now! initiative. Each issue has 2 standalone stories although an ongoing story arc with Cyclops and Captain America is being featured on the latest issues.

Avengers_+_X-Men 1

A complete list of all A+X posts in chronological order.

  1. Trask Builds Nazi Sentinels
  2. Captain America, Bucky And Cable VS A Nazi Sentinel
  3. The Hulk And Wolverine Fight Over Cake
  4. The Hulk And Wolverine VS Their Future Selves
  5. Black Widow Kisses Rogue
  6. Kitty Pryde Hacks Into Avengers Database
  7. Tony Stark’s Plan To End Obesity
  8. Iron Man Knows Who Superman Is
  9. Black Panther VS AIM Henchmen
  10. When Storm Gets Jealous
  11. Black Panther And Storm Race Each Other
  12. Gambit And Hawkeye VS An Underground Monster
  13. Gambit Steals Hawkeye’s Wallet
  14. Captain America’s Psychic Defense
  15. Kid Omega’s Conscience
  16. Wolverine And Captain Marvel Having A Debate  6
  17. Iron Man Getting His Ass Kicked
  18. How Iron Man Deals With Someone Better Than Him
  19. Iron Man’s Cool Helmet
  20. How To Calm Down The Hulk
  21. Iceman’s Candidates For Thor’s Hammer
  22. Thor VS Ymir And The Frost Giants
  23. How Iceman And Thor Defeated The Frost Giants
  24. Absorbing Man VS Hydra and AIM
  25. Kitty Pryde Takes Down The Absorbing Man  8
  26. Captain America And Wolverine VS Giant Snakes
  27. Deadpool And Hawkeye Teamup
  28. Deadpool’s Trick Arrow
  29. Hawkeye Nicknames
  30. Beast And Wonder Man Gives Wolverine A Haircut
  31. How Beast And Wonder Man Took Down The Absorbing Man
  32. Captain America And Jubilee VS Nazi Vampires
  33. Captain America Is A Hypocrite
  34. Cruel and Unusual Punishment By Emma Frost 2
  35. What Superior Spider-Man Didn’t Know About Magneto
  36. Magneto VS Modok
  37. Why The X-Men Needs ID Cards
  38. What Captain America Thinks Of Franklin Roosevelt
  39. Spider-Man And Psylocke Team Up
  40. Spider-Man Comforts A Dying Psylocke
  41. Emma Frost And The Stepford Cuckoos VS Z’Cann
  42. Captain America Believes Cyclops Is Innocent

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