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If you’re wondering how Harley Quinn was able to accomplish that feat, it’s because she took one of the super pills that Lex Luthor developed for Superman’s army.


Injustice Gods Among Us Annual #1

10 thoughts on “How Harley Quinn Beat Lobo”
  1. I haven’t read DC in years. I so wanting to go back now. Is this Terry Moore’s art?

    PS Harley kinda’ makes sense, in a weird twisted sort of way.

    1. He did. By then they’d tied him up, and Harley had a psychotherapy session with him, which ended with her convincing him he had bigger fish to fry and so he left peacefully to go murder someone else.

  2. Is this a special on the injustice series or part of it? If so, can you tell me the issue number? I really wanna read it.

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