Forever Evil is a DC Comics crossover event which had a 7 issue run and countless tie ins to existing DC titles. Shortly after the events of Trinity War, it was revealed that the group behind the conflict between the 3 Justice Leagues was the Crime Syndicate, a criminal group from Earth 3 in the Multiverse. After taking out the 3 Justice Leagues out of the picture, the Crime Syndicate began to recruit every super villain they could find and took control of the world. Without any heroes left, it is up to Lex Luthor, and any villains he could find that didn’t join the Crime Syndicate, to save the world.


A complete list of all Forever Evil posts in chronological order.

  1. How Lex Luthor Negotiated With Thomas Kord
  2. Nightwing VS Owlman And Superwoman
  3. What Ultraman Does With Kryptonite
  4. The Rogues Break Into Iron Heights Penitentiary
  5. The Crime Syndicate Gathers All Super Villains
  6. Ultraman Kills Monocle
  7. Ultraman Blocks Out The Sun
  8. Nightwing Unmasked By The Crime Syndicate
  9. Bizarro’s Origin (New 52)
  10. Johnny Quick And Atomica VS Teen Titans
  11. Lex Luthor’s Armor
  12. Lex Luthor and Bizarro
  13. Cyborg Without His Armor
  14. Black Adam VS Ultraman
  15. Deathstorm And Power Ring VS The Rogues
  16. Deathstorm Removes Captain Cold’s Powers
  17. Forever Evil Anti Heroes
  18. Batman Brings Catwoman To The Batcave (New 52)
  19. Batman’s Contingency Plan For the Justice League
  20. Captain Cold Creates A Cold Gun
  21. Ultraman Takes Out Metallo
  22. Lex Luthor Bonds With Bizarro
  23. Batman With Sinestro Corps Ring
  24. Sinestro (Forever Evil)
  25. The Crime Syndicate Hires Deathstroke
  26. Lex Luthor Saves Batman’s Life
  27. Black Adam VS Giganta
  28. Black Manta Takes Out Shadow Thief
  29. Batman VS Copperhead
  30. Lex Luthor Hires Deathstroke
  31. Sinestro VS Power Ring
  32. How Sinestro Defeated Power Ring
  33. Sinestro Teaches Batman How To Use A Yellow Ring
  34. How Lex Luthor Recruited Sinestro
  35. Batman’s Always In Charge
  36. Black Adam, Sinestro And Deathstroke VS The Crime Syndicate
  37. Black Manta Kills The Outsider
  38. What Grid Did To Nightwing
  39. Lex Luthor Stops Nightwing’s Heart
  40. How Lex Luthor Saved Nightwing From The Murder Machine
  41. Black Manta VS Atomica
  42. How Captain Cold Defeated Johnny Quick
  43. Alexander Luthor Turns Into Mazahs
  44. How To Stop Mazahs
  45. Why Superwoman Sided With Mazahs
  46. Catwoman Is Jealous Of Wonder Woman
  47. Ultraman VS Mazahs
  48. Mazahs Kills And Absorbs Deathstorm
  49. Mazahs VS Deathstroke, Black Manta And Lex Luthor
  50. Bizarro VS Mazahs
  51. Sinestro And Black Adam VS Mazahs
  52. How Lex Luthor Defeated Mazahs
  53. How Lex Luthor Defeated Ultraman
  54. Lex Luthor Kills Atomica
  55. Lex Luthor Operates On Superman
  56. Lex Luthor Meets Ted Kord
  57. Lex Luthor Learns Batman’s Secret Identity
  58. The Anti-Monitor (New 52)

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