Batman – Earth 1 is an ongoing graphic novel series that details the start of Batman’s crime fighting career.  As the title suggests, Earth 1 is one of the many alternate Earths that currently exists in the DC Comics universe, with Prime Earth as the one where the current canon story line of the New 52 takes place. With a fresh canvass to work with, the series is not burdened with all of Batman’s history and should appeal to new readers or anyone who just wants to read a straight forward adventure with the Dark Knight. What I like about this is how realistic Batman is. He’s not the seemingly invincible hero who wins every time. Since he’s just starting out, we get to see him make mistakes and learn from them.


batman earth 1


A complete list of all Batman – Earth 1 posts in chronological order.

Volume 1:

  1. Batman (Earth 1)
  2. Batman Starting Out (Earth 1)
  3. Thomas And Martha Wayne (Earth 1)
  4. Death Of Thomas And Martha Wayne (Earth 1)
  5. Alfred Pennyworth Becomes Bruce Wayne’s Guardian (Earth 1)
  6. Harvey Bullock (Earth 1)
  7. How Bruce Wayne Chose The Bat Symbol (Earth 1)
  8. Bruce Wayne VS Harvey Dent (Earth 1)
  9. Bruce Wayne Meets Lucius Fox (Earth 1)
  10. Oswald Cobblepot (Earth 1)
  11. Batman Hits Jim Gordon (Earth 1)
  12. Batman Crashes Into Cobblepot’s Party
  13. Bruce Wayne VS Alfred Pennyworth (Earth 1)
  14. The Birthday Boy (Earth 1)
  15. Batman VS Jim Gordon (Earth 1)
  16. Batman Rescues Barbara Gordon
  17. Batman VS Birthday Boy (Earth 1)
  18. Harvey Bullock Discovers The Birthday Boy’s Victims
  19. Batman VS The Penguin (Earth 1)
  20. Alfred Pennyworth Kills Oswald Cobblepot (Earth 1)
  21. Barbara Gordon (Earth 1)
  22. Harvey Bullock Descends To Alcoholism
  23. Alfred Pennyworth’s Advice To Batman (Earth 1)
  24. The Riddler (Earth 1 Volume 1)

Volume 2:

  1. The Batman Is Real
  2. Why Batman Doesn’t Kill (Earth 1)
  3. The Riddler’s First Riddle (Earth 1)
  4. Jim Gordon Schools Batman On Crime Scenes
  5. Batman Clues Jim Gordon On His Disappearing Act
  6. The Riddler’s Second Riddle (Earth One)
  7. The Riddler Takes Out Batman (Earth 1)
  8. Why Batman Doesn’t Wear Body Armor (Earth 1)
  9. Batman VS Killer Croc (Earth 1)
  10. Killer Croc Explains His Dilemma (Earth 1)
  11. Batman Fails At Lockpicking (Earth 1)
  12. The Riddler’s Third Riddle (Earth 1)
  13. Jim Gordon Is Impressed With Batman’s Detective Skills (Earth 1)
  14. Batman’s Bat Signal (Earth 1)
  15. Alfred Pennyworth VS Jim Gordon And Gotham PD (Earth 1)
  16. The Riddler (Earth 1)
  17. Harvey Dent (Earth 1)
  18. Batman VS Gotham Inmates (Earth 1)
  19. The Riddler’s Fourth Riddle (Earth 1)
  20. Harvey Dent’s Face Is Burned Off (Earth 1)
  21. Batman’s Riddle To The Riddler (Earth 1)
  22. Batman And Killer Croc VS The Riddler (Earth 1)
  23. Jessica Dent Becomes Two Face (Earth 1)
  24. Catwoman (Earth 1)

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