All New Wolverine Volume 1

all new wolverine laura kinney

A complete list of all All New Wolverine posts in chronological order.

  1. Wolverine’s Most Important Lesson To X-23
  2. X-23 Is the New Wolverine
  3. All New Wolverine And Angel Team Up
  4. Why You Can’t Hug The New Wolverine
  5. Wolverine (Laura Kinney) VS Taskmaster
  6. Doctor Strange (All New Wolverine)
  7. Doctor Strange Scans Wolverine (Laura Kinney) With The Eye Of Agamotto
  8. All New Wolverine Wearing The Ant-Man Suit
  9. Gabrielle’s Scary Side
  10. Squirrel Girl Gives Wolverine A Pet Wolverine  7
  11. All New Wolverine And Squirrel Girl Take A Selfie
  12. When Maria Hill Needs To Talk To You  8
  13. SHIELD Summons Fin Fang Foom
  14. Iron Man And Captain Marvel VS Fin Fang Foom
  15. Wolverine (Laura Kinney) Rescues Old Man Logan From Fin Fang Foom 9
  16. How Wolverine (Laura Kinney) Dealt With Fin Fang Foom  9
  17. Ulysses’ Vision About Old Man Logan
  18. Old Man Logan Meets Gabrielle
  19. When Burglars Entered Wolverine’s Home
  20. 4 Wolverines VS 2 Burglars
  21. Gabrielle’s First Meeting With Captain America
  22. All New Wolverine VS Captain America
  23. Old Man Logan Stabs Gabrielle
  24. All New Wolverine VS Old Man Logan
  25. Wolverine Doesn’t Believe In Ulysses’s Visions
  26. All New Wolverine Shares Her History With Gabrielle
  27. All New Wolverine Slaughters An Entire Town
  28. All New Wolverine Can Survive Falling From A Plane
  29. All New Wolverine VS Captain Ash
  30. Roughhouse (All New Wolverine Vol. 1 #15)
  31. How Kimura Tortured Laura Kinney
  32. All New Wolverine Tries To Assassinate Tyger Tiger
  33. Jean Grey Heals Laura Kinney’s Mind
  34. All New Wolverine Using Iron Man’s Armor
  35. Bellona Framed Laura Kinney For Murder
  36. All New Wolverine Kills Kimura
  37. All New Wolverine And Gabrielle VS Human Traffickers
  38. Why All New Wolverine Wears Bullet Proof Armor
  39. The Laura Kinney Virus
  40. How All New Wolverine Cures The Laura Kinney Virus
  41. How Deadpool And Gabrielle Became Best Friends
  42. The Wolverine Family
  43. Gabby Gives Deadpool The Middle Finger
  44. Gabrielle Meets Groot
  45. Wolverine And Guardians Of The Galaxy VS The Brood   22
  46. Gabrielle Kinney Becomes A Brood Queen
  47. Daken VS Orphans Of X
  48. All New Wolverine #25
  49. Gabrielle Kinney’s Healing Factor Beats A Brood Queen
  50. Rocket Raccoon Experiments On Jonathan The Wolverine
  51. Rocket Raccoon Executes A Criminal
  52. Daken VS Orphans Of X
  53. All New Wolverine’s Mother Is Alive
  54. Laura Kinney Describes The Murumasa Blade . 26
  55. Gabrielle Kinney Becomes The Honey Badger .  28
  56. Daken (All New Wolverine #28)
  57. Muramasa Creates A Shield From Wolverine
  58. The Orphans Of X Executes Old Man Logan, Sabretooth And Lady Deathstrike
  59. Murumasa Crafts An Armor For Laura Kinney
  60. All New Wolverine In Murumasa’s Armor
  61. Murumasa And The Gorgon
  62. Weapon X VS Orphans Of X
  63. All New Wolverine Joins The Orphans Of X
  64. Deadpool Teaches Honey Badger How To Chloroform People
  65. Deadpool And Honey Badger VS Zombie Animals
  66. All New Wolverine, Honey Badger And Deadpool


  1. How Much It Hurts When Wolverine’s Claws Pop Out
  2. All New Wolverine And Spider-Gwen VS Red Hornet