Aquaman Volume 8

Aquaman Volume 8 is a comic series under the Rebirth rebranding of DC Comics, which follows after the New 52 era. The series continues the adventures of Aquaman as he tries to balance the responsibilities of being King of Atlantis, and being a member of the Justice League. He continues his goal, with the help of his partner Mera, of bringing the surface world and Atlantis closer together despite the testy relationship between the two worlds.



A complete list of all Aquaman Volume 8 posts in chronological order.

  1. A Civilian View Of Aquaman
  2. Black Manta VS Aquaman And Mera (Aquaman Vol. 8 #1)
  3. Aquaman VS Black Manta (Aquaman Vol. 8 #2)
  4. How Aquaman Defeated Black Manta (Rebirth)
  5. Aquaman Goes To Washington
  6. N.E.M.O Recruits Black Manta
  7. Aquaman’s Prison Demands
  8. Aquaman Compares Atlantis And The United States
  9. The United States Military Attacks Aquaman And Mera
  10. Aquaman And Mera VS The United States Military
  11. Superman (Aquaman Vol. 8 #5)
  12. Aquaman And Mera VS Superman (Rebirth)
  13. Black Manta Kills King Fisher
  14. The Justice League Has ID Cards
  15. Black Manta’s First Board Meeting With N.E.M.O
  16. N.E.M.O Unleashes Its Secret Weapon
  17. Aquaman And The Drift VS The Shaggy Man
  18. The Shaggy Man Attacks Atlantis
  19. Aquaman VS The Shaggy Man
  20. The Widowhood’s Prophecy About Aquaman And Mera
  21. Mera (Aquaman Vol. 8 #10)
  22. Mera VS Broadside
  23. The Justice League Visits Aquaman In The Hospital
  24. N.E.M.O’s Atlantis Army Attacks The Surface World
  25. The United States Declares War On Atlantis
  26. The Aqua-Marines
  27. The Justice League (Aquaman Vol. 8 #12)
  28. The Justice League In Atlantis
  29. Aquaman Destroys A N.E.M.O Submarine
  30. The United States Orders Aquaman’s Assassination (Rebirth)
  31. The Aquamarines Tries To Assassinate Aquaman (Rebirth)
  32. Mera (Aquaman Vol. 8 #14)
  33. Aquaman Attacks Black Manta And N.E.M.O
  34. Aquaman VS Black Manta (The Deluge)
  35. How Aquaman Ended The US-Atlantis War
  36. Aquaman Vol. 8 #16
  37. Warhead (Aquaman Vol. 8 #16)
  38. Aquafans
  39. Warhead’s Power Is Controlling People
  40. Warhead Can Do Telepathic Projections
  41. Aquaman Vol. 8 #18
  42. Aquaman Learns Warhead’s Background Story
  43. Aquaman VS Warhead
  44. Aquaman And The Aquamarines
  45. Dead Water (Aquaman Volume 8 #19)
  46. Aquaman And Mera VS Dead Water (Rebirth)
  47. Dead Water VS An Aquamarine
  48. How A Person Becomes Dead Water
  49. Aquaman And Mera (Aquaman Vol. 8 #21)
  50. Dead Water (Aquaman Vol. 8 #21)
  51. Aquaman, Mera And Dead Water (Rebirth)
  52. How Aquaman Stopped Dead Water
  53. Aquaman And Mera (Aquaman Vol. 8 #23)
  54. Aquaman VS Corum Rath
  55. Aquaman Is Dethroned As King Of Atlantis (Rebirth)
  56. The Ninth Tride
  57. Aquaman Tries To Be Batman (Rebirth)
  58. Aquaman Vol. 8 #25
  59. Aquaman And Dolphin VS The Drift
  60. Mera (Aquaman Vol. 8 #26)
  61. Aquaman VS Kadaver
  62. Aquaman Meets Krush
  63. First Appearance Of Ondine (Rebirth)
  64. Mera Recruits Tempest (Rebirth)
  65. Aquaman And Dolphin (Aquaman Vol. 8 #27)
  66. Aquaman And Dolphin VS Kadaver
  67. Why Aquaman Became A Vigilante