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Month: September 2016


Who Is Godspeed

  I have to say, the name itself is amazing. Godspeed! From – The Flash Vol. 5 #6

The Justice League Of China

The Justice League Of China

Going with the established theme of corny names, it’s no surprise they chose Justice League Of China. From From – New Super-Man #3


Azrael VS The Colony

  The Detective Comics series goes back to the original numbering and the story starts off with a mysterious group shadowing and beating up the Gotham vigilantes. Azrael was beaten […]


The Fear Engine Of Sinestro

Sinestro wasn’t even able to properly explain how the Fear Engine works. All we learned was Guy Gardner goes commando when wearing his Green Lantern Corps uniform. From – Hal […]

What Happened To Red Robin

What Happened To Red Robin

  In the same issue where Red Robin was seemingly killed by military drones, we learn that he was transported in the nick of time into a prison of sorts […]


Death Of Red Robin?

  DC’s been teasing this for the longest time and I really didn’t believe they’d go through with killing off Tim Drake. But then later in the same issue we […]

Detective Comics Volume 1

A complete list of all Detective Comics Volume 1 posts in chronological order. Azrael VS The Colony Batman (Detective Comics Vol. 1 #934) Batman Reveals His Identity To Batwoman Red Robin’s New […]

Spider-Man Hacks The Iron Spider Suit

Spider-Man Hacks The Iron Spider Suit

  Iron Man underestimated Spider-Man’s brain once more. You took the guy in as your protege yet you think he can’t hack the suit you gave him. lol This was […]