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Month: September 2016


Spider-Man VS Captain America (Civil War)

Looked like an even fight. Spider-man is stronger and faster but like always, he holds back. Captain America on the otherhand has extensive hand to hand fighting experience. Spidey’s new […]


Gotham’s Parents Are Murdered

Gotham was infected by the Psycho Pirate on the previous issue. During his madness, Gotham killed 27 soldiers who were secretly Task Force X members. One soldier apparently survived by […]


Gotham Kills 27 Soldiers

Gotham, along with his sister Gotham Girl, were infected by the Psycho Pirate in the previous issue. From – Batman Vol. 3 #4

Batman Volume 3

A complete list of all Batman Volume 3 posts in chronological order. Batman Meets Gotham And Gotham Girl Bruce Wayne Doesn’t Trust Alfred Pennyworth Batman, Gotham And Gotham Girl VS […]

My Monthly Pull List

I’ve decided on just buying Nightwing and Justice League from DC’s Rebirth line, although Superman and Aquaman are really really good. If Justice League’s storyline doesn’t pick up soon, I […]


Black Manta Kills King Fisher

Did Black Manta just inherited an army? Bad luck for Aquaman, his most calculating nemesis just gained massive resources to make his life even more miserable. From – Aquaman Vol. […]


Aquaman Volume 8

Aquaman Volume 8 is a comic series under the Rebirth rebranding of DC Comics, which follows after the New 52 era. The series continues the adventures of Aquaman as he tries […]

Jughead Jones Meets Sabrina Spellman

Jughead Jones Meets Sabrina Spellman

  Oh wow. Does this mean her series is gonna be out soon? Been waiting for that for the longest time! And I’m actually stoked about this pairing! Jughead’s the […]


Jughead Gets A Crush On A Girl

Of course! Jughead would only really pay attention to someone of the opposite sex if you dress her as a burger. How is this a surprise? 😀 The identity of […]

Why Archie Likes Veronica

Why Archie Likes Veronica

I felt the hurt all the way here in my couch with that statement. Here’s the Lipstick Incident for those who aren’t familiar with it. It’s the main cause of […]