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Month: September 2016


Superman VS The Eradicator (Rebirth)

The Eradicator previously absorbed the life force of Krypto. He did the same thing to Superman but it allowed the Man of Steel to make contact with life forces of […]

How Superman Escaped The Eradicator (Rebirth)

How Superman Escaped The Eradicator (Rebirth)

  The Eradicator has this ability to absorb living things and seemingly use them to get stronger. He absorbed Krypto in the previous issue and just recently, Superman as well. But Superman […]


Superman Volume 4

Superman Volume 3 is a comic series from DC Comics featuring the adventures of Superman which falls under the new Rebirth rebranding of the company. It’s not a reboot like the previous […]

Gotham Girl Loses Her Mind

Gotham Girl Loses Her Mind

  Gotham Girl, along with her brother Gotham, were infected by the Psycho Pirate. During the sibling’s madness, Gotham killed 27 soldiers who were secretly Task Force X members. One soldier […]