excalisuck 2

Where Washed Up X-Men Are Transferred

Wolverine: Kid… You’re fired. We get back to Earth, you’re demoted to Excalisuck or some damn team. Armor: They were lining up civilians! To kill them! Wolverine: That ain’t the […]

The Thing Doesn't Like Canadians

The Thing Doesn’t Like Canadians

Wolverine: Oughta be grateful. The Thing: Grateful? Wolverine: Monstro was practically capped ‘fore you bothered to show. The Thing: Didn’t they come up with a cure for your kind? Wolverine: […]

How The X-men Screen Out Fakes

How The X-men Screen Out Fakes

Nick Fury: How do you know your Colossus is the genuine article in the first place? Emma Frost: I read his mind. Beast: I matched his DNA. Wolverine: I smelled […]

superman's better

Superman is Better With Words

Wonder Woman: Superman, I was– Superman: Worried. I get it. But we only want to help. Green Lantern: How come when I said that, she wouldn’t listen? The Flash: Superman’s […]

green lantern steals girlfriends

Green Lantern Steals Dates

Cyborg: Graves knows the Flash doesn’t like working outside of the law because he’s a police officer. He even knows about his relationship with Patty Spivot. Green Lantern: Who’s Patty […]