Anti-Life Army (Dceased)

Anti-Life Army (Dceased)

  From the silhouettes, I can only make out Black Adam, Black Manta and Hawkman. From – DCeased: Hope At World’s End #1

Shazam VS Scarecrow (Rebirth)

Shazam VS Scarecrow (Rebirth)

Of course, of all Batman villains that could be thrown against Shazam, DC chose Scarecrow because his fear toxin could affect him. Another realistic foe is Poison Ivy with her […]

Batman's Life Advice To Shazam 1

Batman’s Life Advice To Shazam

  I get the feeling that if it was any other super hero who intruded into Gotham city, Batman would have tore them a new one. But knowing that Shazam […]

Hells Kitchen Pay Homage To Daredevil

Hells Kitchen Pay Homage To Daredevil

  Hells Kitchen is assaulted by mercenaries hired by the Stroymwyns, and had the Kingpin, mayor of New York, to order the police to stay away. The residents rallied together […]

Black Canary Disbands The Justice League

Black Canary Disbands The Justice League

  Before the New 52, Black Canary was voted in as the Justice League’s chairwoman, their de-facto leader. When Batman died, Green Lantern decided that the League wasn’t pro-active enough […]