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Category: Comic Series


Superman – Earth 1

Superman – Earth 1 is an ongoing graphic novel series that details the start of Superman’s crime fighting career. As the title suggests, Earth 1 is one of the many […]

superior spider-man is a tool

Superior Spider-Man

The Superior Spider-man series is part of the Marvel Now! initiative and it started right after the conclusion of the Dying Wish story arc in Amazing Spider-man #700, where Doctor […]

superman batman 50

Superman & Batman

The two most famous superheroes of any generation, I have no doubt you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with access to a TV or the internet who’s never heard […]

the new avengers volume 1

New Avengers Volume 1

The New Avengers was a new series that chronicled the adventures of the assorted superheroes gathered by Captain America to take the place of the disbanded Avengers. 6 months prior […]