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Category: Aquaman

Justice League cover

Justice League Volume 2

When DC Comics launched their reboot project called the New 52, among their biggest draws was the reboot of one of their flagship titles, The Justice League. The comic has […]

superman doesn't steal girlfriends

Superman Doesn’t Steal Girlfriends

The Flash: Superman’s a reporter? Aquaman: I don’t like reporters. The Flash: You don’t write about us, do you? Green Lantern: Batman’s got that look on his face again. You […]

mera is not aquawoman

There Is No Aquawoman

  Aquaman has a significant other who also has powers, but she’s not a mermaid. Her name is Mera, and she controls water. – Aquaman Vol. 7 #2

aquaman stops robbers 2

Aquaman Can Stop Crime On Land

These are the first few panels on Aquaman’s New 52 comic series. You can see how he gets no respect and how people have no idea on his powers and […]