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Category: Aquaman

Aquaman Challenges Superman

Aquaman Challenges Superman

Aquaman: But the sea is mine alone to command. Batman: Arthur! What are you doing? Wonder Woman: Superman! Turn your communicator on! Superman: What’s happening? Wonder Woman: Atlantean armies are […]

atlantean superweapon 2

Superweapon of Atlantis

Shazam: I don’t want to fight you, Arthur. Call off your army. Stand down. You’re outmatched. Aquaman: Outmatched? No. The sea is deep and full of secrets. Shazam: What’s happening? […]

Wonder Woman Sucker Punches Aquaman

Wonder Woman Sucker Punches Aquaman

Wonder Woman: I don’t want to fight you. Aquaman: Then don’t. Leave here. Don’t look for trouble in the deep. Confine your arrogant crusade to land. Wonder Woman: You are […]

aquaman eats fish

Aquaman Eats Fish

Aquaman: I’ll have the fish and chips… What? Random Guy 1: You can’t get the fish and chips. Aquaman: Why not? Random Guy 1: Because you talk to fish. Aquaman: […]

Green Arrow Tries To Join The Justice League

Green Arrow Tries To Join The Justice League

Green Arrow: You already know the name’s Green Arrow–world’s greatest archer and best candidate for the Justice League. Green Lantern: Oh, come on. You’re really trying to pitch us? I’ve […]

aquaman is real

Green Lantern Doesn’t Know Aquaman Is Real

Superman: Who are you? Batman: They call him Aquaman. Green Lantern: Aquaman? I thought Aquaman was a sketch on Conan O’Brien. Aquaman: I’m very real. Green Lantern: First Batman’s real, […]