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Category: Aquaman

N.E.M.O Unleashes Its Secret Weapon

N.E.M.O Unleashes Its Secret Weapon

Black Manta is now the leader of the secret organization N.E.M.O after his coup. Later in this next issue it’s shown that this monster is actually the Shaggy Man. From […]

The Shaggy Man Attacks Atlantis

The Shaggy Man Attacks Atlantis

Yeah but I think it was the other Justice League. You know, the Justice League of America with Steve Trevor, Catwoman, Vibe, Hawkman and such. Not the actual Justice League. […]

Aquaman And The Drift VS The Shaggy Man

Aquaman And The Drift VS The Shaggy Man

The secret organization N.E.M.O — now headed by Black Manta after his coup — released a secret project that they’ve been working on  in order to distract Aquaman. Later in […]