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Category: Aquaman

Warhead's Power Is Controlling People 1

Warhead’s Power Is Controlling People

Technopatically. That’s how Warhead is able to control humans. The only difference it has with Professor X’s telepath powers is Warhead’s power doesn’t block out the person’s speech, or though […]



After years of jokes and abuse, Aquaman now has fans? Corny name though. From – Aquaman Vol. 8 #17


Aquaman VS Warhead

They could have talked it out first, but like Seraph in the Matrix said: you can only get to know someone by fighting them. Or something to that effect. Atlantis […]


The Genie App

Didn’t enjoy this storyline or villain at all. An app created by a human was able to hack Cyborg’s Apokolops technology, or a Green Lantern ring? Not buying it. From […]