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Category: Green Lantern

What Would Superman and Batman Fight About?

What Would Superman and Batman Fight About?

Narrator 1: Time out. We didn’t figure out what they’re fighting about. Narrator 2: Does it matter? Narrator 1: Of course! I mean…they wouldn’t fight over a chick. Batman: So […]

Batman With Superman's Powers

Batman With Superman’s Powers

Batman: You haven’t seen me because I’ve been busy. Working, training, honing these new powers. Making the most of them. Superman: And I know how hard that must be. Batman: […]

Superman, Kyle Rayner, Plastic Man and Flash

Superman: My name…I’m really nervous…My name is Clark Kent. I’m a reporter for the daily planet. Kyle Rayner: He doesn’t…wear a mask. I never even..thought he had a… day job… […]