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Category: DC

Deadman on Nightwing

Deadman: Well, there ya are. They bought it, just like anyone coulda predicted. Next to Superman, Dick Grayson is the one guy alive that every other crimefighter trusts. – The […]

batman manipulates captain atom

Batman Manipulates Captain Atom

Batman: Captain. You have a dilemma. If we surrender to you, you will have fulfilled your mission. And Tokyo will be decimated. Men, women, and children will have died while […]

superman's observation of batman

Superman’s Observation Of Batman

Superman: Sometimes, I admit, I think of Bruce as a man in a costume. Then, with some gadget from his utility belt, he reminds me that he has an extraordinarily […]

aquaman eats fish

Aquaman Eats Fish

Aquaman: I’ll have the fish and chips… What? Random Guy 1: You can’t get the fish and chips. Aquaman: Why not? Random Guy 1: Because you talk to fish. Aquaman: […]

Nightwing, Alfred and Oracle

Nightwing: Ow! Hey! Don’t I get any anesthesia? Alfred: The first and second time a wound is closed, most certainly. By the third time you’ve opened your stitches, however, one […]

iron Man Knows Who Superman Is

Iron Man Knows Who Superman Is

Iron Man: Your phasing through them shorted out all the circuitry? Kitty Pryde: Yeah. Happens with any electrical system. And if you’re wearing it, it’s wicked painful. Iron Man: So […]

Martha, Jonathan and Superman

Martha: But you’re still worried. Jonathan: Well, I have to admit he’s done a good job of stayn’ out of sight, but– Superman: Of course I’m staying out of sight, […]

Sayd's first impression of kyle rayner

Sayd’s First Impression Of Kyle Rayner

Sayd: Greetings, brother Ganthet. Kyle Rayner: A girl guardian! Sweet! Sayd: Is this one mentally impaired? Ganthet: No, Sayd. He is from planet Earth, like Jordan, Stewart… Sayd: … And […]

superman's better

Superman is Better With Words

Wonder Woman: Superman, I was– Superman: Worried. I get it. But we only want to help. Green Lantern: How come when I said that, she wouldn’t listen? The Flash: Superman’s […]

green lantern steals girlfriends

Green Lantern Steals Dates

Cyborg: Graves knows the Flash doesn’t like working outside of the law because he’s a police officer. He even knows about his relationship with Patty Spivot. Green Lantern: Who’s Patty […]

Green Arrow Tries To Join The Justice League

Green Arrow Tries To Join The Justice League

Green Arrow: You already know the name’s Green Arrow–world’s greatest archer and best candidate for the Justice League. Green Lantern: Oh, come on. You’re really trying to pitch us? I’ve […]