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Category: DC

superman calls batman a lousy father

Superman Burns Batman

Superman: You can’t possibly understand what he took. He stole the life Lois and I would have had together. Our child. And more. There was going to be someone else […]

batman loves the joker

Batman Loves The Joker

Superman: You loved him. Didn’t you? Batman: What? Superman: You’re not sitting in the dark mourning Metropolis, are you? You’re mourning him. You’re angry at me for taking the Joker […]

Wonder Woman Sucker Punches Aquaman

Wonder Woman Sucker Punches Aquaman

Wonder Woman: I don’t want to fight you. Aquaman: Then don’t. Leave here. Don’t look for trouble in the deep. Confine your arrogant crusade to land. Wonder Woman: You are […]