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Category: DC

Nightwing vs Robin

Nightwing’s Advice on Fighting Criminals

Robin: Unf! Nightwing: What did you do wrong? Robin: Legs. Nightwing: Yes. Legs. You keep aiming for that killer blow, you’re trying to hurt me–which I’m trying not to take […]

superman reveals his real identity

Superman Is Mad

Superman: My name…… My Earth name…… is Clark Kent. Superman: I am…I was a reporter for the Daily Planet. As a journalist, I spent too much time writing about the […]

wonder woman mocks ares

God of War’s New Title

Wonder Woman: You’re right to fear. You fear Superman because you believe he could succeed. What becomes of the God of War in a world without conflict? Maybe you could […]

Superman and Wonder Woman Together

Superman and Wonder Woman Together

Ares: Will you take her place? Will you lie in his bed? Wonder Woman: Lois was an incredible woman. Ares: That does not answer my question. Wonder Woman: I will […]