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Category: DC

ferocious wonder woman

Wonder Woman Kicks Ass

Ares: She left her island on a mission of peace. She does not look peaceful. I admire so much in the princess. Her ability. Her power. Her ferocity. – Injustice […]

don't touch parents

Parents Are Off Limits

Batman: That was incredibly stupid. President: What??? Batman: You don’t touch a man’s parents. Don’t call out. President: They said it couldn’t be tracked back to me. Batman: It couldn’t. […]

clark kent's weakness

How To Hurt Superman

General: Sir, Superman has decided to police the entire world. He has already toppled one government. If he is allowed to continue, unchecked, uncontrolled like this… President: What do you […]

Harley Quinn on relationships

Harley Quinn On Relationships

Green Arrow: I have to go out. Don’t try to escape. If you have a fake hand to slip out of those cuffs or something, just leave it. Believe me, […]