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Category: Sinestro

The First Lantern Destroys Korugar

The First Lantern Destroys Korugar

This is one of the major take aways from the Wrath of the First Lantern story line from DC Comics: the destruction of Sinestro’s home planet Korugar. One of Sinestro’s […]

Simon Baz Shoots Sinestro With A Gun

Simon Baz Shoots Sinestro With A Gun

Okay that was hilarious. The first person Green Lantern Simon Baz ever shoots with his back up gun is Sinestro. How the latter must be infuriated being injured with a […]

Sinestro Has His Own Batcave

Sinestro Has His Own Batcave

The first thing that I noticed in Sinestro’s “Batcave” in Korugar are the Green and Yellow Lantern batteries prominently displayed. Since I know he keeps his batteries in the pocket […]

What Superman Fears

What Does Superman Fear Most

So basically, Superman is afraid of: Letting people down. Lois Lane getting cancer and dying. Becoming Doomsday and possibly killing Batman. Having his son Superboy become evil (Miss Martian made […]

How Superman Captured Parallax

How Superman Captured Parallax

Superman stole Sinestro’s ring and captured Parallax himself! How hilarious is that? And how about that? Parallax wants to escape from Sinestro! Normally that bug wants to possess anyone it […]