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Category: Sinestro

Who Sarko's Parents Are

Who Sarko’s Real Parents Are

Clues: My father was an artful storyteller. Sarko looks like a Korugarian For the past 3 issues Kyle Rayner has been flirting heavily with Soranik Natu, trying to rekindle their […]

Why Sarko Wants To Change The Timeline

Why Sarko Wants To Change The Timeline

  Guy Gardner and Arkillo’s friendship is so awesome… two rival corps who would gladly kill each other followed their example. If that’s not the cheesiest bit ever, I don’t […]

Parallax Possession Can Turn You Young

Parallax Possession Can Turn You Young

  I get that your appearance would change when being fused with an emotional spectrum entity, Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, and The Flash did when they got possessed by Parallax. Or […]

Guy Gardner Respects Arkillo

Guy Gardner Respects Arkillo

Guy Gardner and Arkillo had a very brutal fist fight in the previous issue. I can’t wait to see the two of them pair up and patrol the galaxy now […]

Sinestro Is Better Than Hal Jordan

Sinestro Is Better Than Hal Jordan

Sinestro is more powerful, certainly. But Hal Jordan makes up for it with his unpredictability. Sinestro himself said so. From – Green Lantern Vol. 5 #3

Sinestro Returns As A Green Lantern

Sinestro Returns As A Green Lantern

I realized this late but why doesn’t Sinestro just destroy this Green Lantern ring like he did his previous ones, then call his Sinestro Corps ring afterwards? Seems like a […]