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Category: Avengers


Comic Terms For Newbies

Have you even been in that situation? You’re talking to someone who’s into comic books or reading a wiki entry of a comic book, and all these unfamiliar words keep […]

deadpool has a conscience

Deadpool Has A Conscience

While X-Force was discussing whether to kill the Young Apocalypse, Fantomex shot him in the head. – Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1 #5

Cyclops Was Right

Why Cyclops Was Right

The argument about whether or not Cyclops has completely gone the villain route was already brewing after the events of House of M, when the world’s mutant population was reduced […]

how miss marvel dealt with venom

How Miss Marvel Dealt With Venom

This was during the Marvel event Siege. Mac Gargan used to be the Scorpion, and is now wearing the alien symbiote and became the new Venom. – Siege – Spider-man

peter parker tries to warn black widow

Peter Parker Tries To Warn Black Widow

Peter Parker’s consciousness tried practicing his control while Otto Octavious was alseep. He’s gotten better at it, for sure. Shame Black Widow isn’t known for her detective skills. From – […]