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Category: Avengers

cyclops's avengers protocol 2

Cyclops’s Avengers Protocol

When the Avengers came to the mutant island nation of Utopia to take custody of Hope Summers, Cyclops led the X-Men in a melee against the Avengers. While the fight […]

extinction team stares down the celestials 2

The Extinction Team Stares Down The Celestials

The Extinction Team’s first field mission was recovering the stolen head of the Dreaming Celestial which was stolen by Mister Sinister. Alerted by their brethren’s plight, the other Celestials arrived […]

phoenix five

The Phoenix Five

When the Phoenix Force came to Earth for its new host, Hope Summers, Iron Man shot it with a huge space gun and the Phoenix Force was split into 5 […]

red hulk makes juggerlossus angry 2

Red Hulk Makes Juggerlossus Angry

This battle occurred when Captain America led the Avengers into Utopia, the X-Men’s island fortress, to take Hope Summers into custody. Cyclops, the leader of the world’s remaining mutants, refused […]

uncanny x-men volume 2

What Is The Extinction Team?

Quick background info: The Scarlet Witch just decimated mutantdom by stripping 99% of their powers in an event known in the Marvel universe as M-Day, leaving only less than 200 […]

Avengers_+_X-Men 1

A + X

A+X is an ongoing series which showcases a random Avenger and X-Men working together on a wide variety of missions. The series started after the conclusion of Avengers VS X-Men, […]