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Category: Avengers

captain america doesn't work with killers

Captain America Is A Hypocrite

Captain America: I don’t work with stone-cold killers. Cyclops: Oh, really, Captain Hypocrisy? Be sure to tell Logan I said “Hello!” – A+X 013

new avengers (post civil war)

The New Avengers (Post Civil War)

This is the roster of the New Avengers after the event known as the Civil War. After Captain America’s death, this group refused to register under the Human Registration Act. […]

Mister Fantastic Knows Atlantean

Mister Fantastic Knows Atlantean

Namor: When were you going to inform us? Iron Man: It just happened yesterday. Namor: I thought we had an arrangement here. Iron Man: Does anyone know how to say […]

Impact Super-Hero

Impact Super-Hero

Reporter: Mister Cage, Hi. Nicolette James, Channel sixty-two CBS news… Can you tell us what you are doing here in Detroit? Why are the New Avengers just standing here? Luke […]

iron man is a sellout

The Falcon On Iron Man Selling Out

Captain America: Did you sign it Sam? Please tell me you– The Falcon: The registration thing? Are you insane? What’s wrong with you? Captain America: Sorry. Just making sure. I’ve […]

Captain America's SHIELD License

Captain America’s SHIELD License

Captain America: Agent Hill. This is Steve Rogers, Captain America. Do you have access to my S.H.I.E.L.D. file? Agent Hill: Yes, I do, Captain. Captain America: Then you can verify […]

hakweye deadpool

Hawkeye Nicknames

Deadpool: Dang! Nice shootin’, Legola– Wait. How often do people call you Legolas? Hawkeye: All the time. Deadpool: Nice shootin’, Hunger Games! Hawkeye: Heard it. Deadpool: Brave! The girl from […]