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Category: Avengers

iron spidey

Spider-Man’s Unused Science Brain

Spider-Man: Oh boy–If the entire team of Alpha Flight got their Canadian bacon handed to them…I’m worried that this is going to be one of those things where my shiny […]

Iron Man’s Cool Helmet

Iron Man: Hank! I overplayed my hand. Beast: I’m on it! Iron Man: Are you sure? Because it looks an awful lot like you’re climbing him! Beast: Dude! It’s not […]

Iron Man Getting His Ass Kicked

Beast: As much as it pains me to admit, S.H.I.E.L.D. has a problem that I can’t figure out. Iron Man: I just heard my mating call. Beast: This robot was […]

magneto vs iron man

Magneto and Iron Man

Iron Man: I feel the fillings in my teeth rattle, and I know it’s on. Magneto: This one is arrogant and reckless, even for a human, but in my experience, […]

Spider-Man Banters With The Void

Spider-Man Banters With The Void

The Void: I am the Void! I am the bringer of destruction and death to this world!! Spider-Man: Oh, man, I’m sorry. We weren’t really looking for a bringer of […]

What Makes Spider-Man Uncomfortable

What Makes Spider-Man Uncomfortable

Spider-Man: Well, I’d like to thank our new mystery ninja Avenger. Whoever you are, for bringing us these guys right to us for a change. Luke Cage: Because…? Spider-Man: We […]