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Category: Avengers

How The 2nd New Avengers Was Formed

How The 2nd New Avengers Was Formed

The first New Avengers was formed accidentally when a bunch of them teamed up together to contain a prison escape on the Raft. This 2nd version of the New Avengers […]

The Thing Joined The New Avengers

The Thing Joins The New Avengers

The main Avengers team is led by Captain America with the other famous Avengers like Thor and Iron Man. The New Avengers was assigned to Luke Cage and was given […]

why the x-men needs id cards

Why The X-Men Needs ID Cards

  Cyclops: Does Deadpool introduce himself as an X-man? We’ve never understood why people think that. Captain America: That’s why every team should have I.D. cards. – A+X 015