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Category: Cyclops


Death Of Jamie Madrox (Death Of X)

I already have a feeling I’m gonna hate this event. But it’s a story about the original Cyclops and there hasn’t been a comic for months now about him. I […]

Wolverine VS Kruun

Wolverine VS Kruun

“Quit with the posturing. The stink of what you’ve been doing is all over you. You’re torturing my friends. Summers, too.” I think that tells us what Scott Summers’ place […]

Breakworlders Settle In San Francisco

Breakworlders Settle In San Francisco

  I bet these guys wouldn’t even be the strangest people you’ll see at San Francisco. Kruun was referring to his fights with Colossus and Wolverine in the previous issues. […]

Why Wolverine Avoids Hope Summers

Why Wolverine Avoids Hope Summers

  At the end of the Second Coming story arc, Emma Frost had a vision where Hope Summers was engulfed in the flames of the Phoenix. Naturally, Wolverine is not […]