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Category: Cyclops

Cyclops' Favorite Fantasy

Cyclops’ Favorite Fantasy

Emma Frost: Darling? Cyclops: I’m just finishing up on some bills. Emma Frost: Scott, I now things haven’t been…I wish you’d come to bed. Cyclops: It’s bills, Emma–One of the […]

Why Cyclops Is In Charge

Why Cyclops Is In Charge

Wolverine: I gotta get it’s mainframe. Cyclops: There isn’t time. I want this thing off my lawn. Wolverine: Every now and then, Summers… I remember why you’re still in charge. […]

codename armor 2

Codename Armor

Wolverine: She’s called “Armor”. She’s our new teammate. Armor: I mean, that is… Logan said. Emma Frost: Oh, it’s lovely. God knows the team’s going to need some new blood […]

what the x means in x-men

What The X in X-Men Means

Namor: It’s a trap. Cyclops: Of course it’s a trap. But it’s also a ceasefire. It gives the city time to evacuate the area. Namor: Ah. I increasingly understand the […]