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Category: Cyclops

Why Namor Admires Cyclops

Why Namor Admires Cyclops

Namor: People ask why I stand with the mutants. I am a king in my own right. While I am a mutant, the humans don’t consider me one. Mutants are […]

emma frost's recap of avx

Emma Frost’s Recap Of Avengers VS X-Men

Emma Frost: Avengers, which one of us would you say is responsible for intercepting and accidentally breaking a deadly cosmic force and injecting it, involuntarily may I remind all of […]

Cyclops’s Idea For A T-shirt

Wolverine: Wait…You want it…. You want it. Cyclops: Of course I want it. I’m dead weight now. I’ve done everything I can do. I die now, and I’m a martyr. […]

kitty pryde trains the original 5 iceman

Kitty Pryde Trains The Original 5 Iceman

Iceman: Now you listen here, lady, I’ve been an X-man for– Kitty Pryde: What? About three weeks? Iceman: I fought Magneto! Kitty Pryde: Yes, I saw the footage. You threw […]

cyclops swearing

Beast Likes The Word Girlfriend

Agent Brand: If I say it’s S.W.O.R.D. business, then that’s exactly what it is, one-eye– Cyclops: I swear to you, I will cut your head off and hide the ****ing […]

The Thing Doesn't Like Canadians

The Thing Doesn’t Like Canadians

Wolverine: Oughta be grateful. The Thing: Grateful? Wolverine: Monstro was practically capped ‘fore you bothered to show. The Thing: Didn’t they come up with a cure for your kind? Wolverine: […]

How The X-men Screen Out Fakes

How The X-men Screen Out Fakes

Nick Fury: How do you know your Colossus is the genuine article in the first place? Emma Frost: I read his mind. Beast: I matched his DNA. Wolverine: I smelled […]

No More Mutants

No More Mutants

For the past few years, nothing  has completely changed the status quo of the Marvel universe than these three simple words. If you’re planning on diving into the current storylines of any […]