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Category: Jean Grey


Cyclops’s Funeral

  Strange why he was buried in Muir Island, I sorta thought he’d be buried with the other X-men in Westchester like the other fallen X-men. That epitaph though… From […]

The X-Men VS The Sisterhood

The X-Men VS The Sisterhood

  I love the one liner banter during the fight. 😀 And sneaky tactic by Cyclops to take down Madelyne Pryor: switching the body of his other ex-wife Jean Grey. […]

Gambit VS Fantomex (Civil War II)

Gambit VS Fantomex (Civil War II)

One’s a Cajun and one has a decidedly confusing upbringing but has a French accent. Both are thieves and have mind altering powers. Pretty even fight! From – Civil War […]