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Category: Kitty Pryde

cyclops emma frost and magik new costume

X-Men New Costumes

For anyone who’s not up to date with the current X-men storylines, here’s a fairly new development: Some of their most iconic members have gone through costume changes! Shortly after […]

uncanny x-men volume 2

What Is The Extinction Team?

Quick background info: The Scarlet Witch just decimated mutantdom by stripping 99% of their powers in an event known in the Marvel universe as M-Day, leaving only less than 200 […]

Wolverine Knows If You Had Sex

Wolverine Knows If You Had Sex

Colossus and Kitty Pryde had their first night together as a couple and Wolverine, through his enhanced sense of smell, or just plain intuition by the way the two were […]

Why Cyclops Is In Charge

Why Cyclops Is In Charge

Wolverine: I gotta get it’s mainframe. Cyclops: There isn’t time. I want this thing off my lawn. Wolverine: Every now and then, Summers… I remember why you’re still in charge. […]