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Category: Star Wars

darth vader learns luke is his son

Darth Vader Learns Luke Is His Son

So this is now the official version of how Darth Vader learned that Luke Skywalker is his son, the information inadvertently  came from Boba Fett. – Star Wars: Darth Vader […]

Star Wars Darth Vader Vol 1 1

Star Wars: Darth Vader

This series is among the first stories told in the Galaxy far far away after Marvel bought out the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas. It means that all of […]

sana solo

Sana Solo

He’d just lie. It’s the only thing he’s ever been good at. I should know. The name is Sana Solo. I’m his wife. From – Star Wars Vol. 2 #6

Darth Vader VS Aiolin And Morit

Darth Vader VS Aiolin And Morit

Darth Vader faces off with 2 creations of Cylo IV. Not Jedi or Sith, but they seem to mimic Force powers. And they have lightsabers! – Star Wars: Darth Vader […]