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Category: Star Wars

How Emperor Roan Fel Punishes People

How Emperor Roan Fel Punishes People

  Nicely done. Roan Fel manages to make himself look good even by doling out punishment to his Imperial Knights Ganner Krieg and Antares Draco. From – Star Wars: Legacy […]

Darth Vader Captures The Cha Family

Darth Vader Captures The Cha Family

I believe that Darth Vader would honor that agreement with the family if it’s not against anything he’s after. They’re small fry to him after all. From – Darth Vader Vol. […]

The Cha Family Ambushes Darth Vader

The Cha Family Ambushes Darth Vader

Not smart of these bounty hunters to accept a bounty on Darth Vader, but I have to give it to them… not everyone thinks of using force fields even if […]