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iceman is gay

Iceman Is Gay

Writer Brian Michael Bendis definitely made a lot of noise with this new information about the time displaced Original Five Iceman. From what I’ve mostly read on Facebook posts, there’s […]

what the watcher thinks of beast

What The Watcher Thinks Of Beast

This all started when Beast’s mutation was killing him, and in a desperate moment he brought the original 5 X-men from the past into the present time, somehow thinking that […]

X-Men Battle of the Atom cover

Battle Of The Atom

Battle of the Atom is a comic crossover event that spanned between 4 X-Men comic book titles namely X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men. The premise […]

kitty pryde trains the original 5 iceman

Kitty Pryde Trains The Original 5 Iceman

Iceman: Now you listen here, lady, I’ve been an X-man for– Kitty Pryde: What? About three weeks? Iceman: I fought Magneto! Kitty Pryde: Yes, I saw the footage. You threw […]