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Cyborg’s Nightmare About Darkseid

The Justice League’s first encounter with Darkseid in the New 52 reboot is now being touted as one of the “big” events, at least judging by how many times it’s […]


Cyborg Vs Superman (Cyborg Vol. 2 #3)

I’m loving the art in this series as well. Only 3 issues in so I shouldn’t have problem backreading everything I’ve missed. This fight between Cyborg and Superman isn’t real […]


Godspeed Kills 4 Black Hole Agents

I like learning how speedsters act when they’re going fast. It’s kinda like Quicksilver’s scenes during the X-Men films. Everything is in slow motion and a simple tap or poke […]


Godspeed’s Background Story

He’s borrowing some parts of Zoom from the Flash TV series. I haven’t decided yet which of them has the cooler costume; they’re just both so damn awesome. From – […]


When Superman Has Free Time

  To this Pre-Flashpoint Superman who has to deal with the New 52 Batman, I bet this all familiar to him. One thing you can be sure of in all […]


Who Is Godspeed

  I have to say, the name itself is amazing. Godspeed! From – The Flash Vol. 5 #6

The Justice League Of China

The Justice League Of China

Going with the established theme of corny names, it’s no surprise they chose Justice League Of China. From From – New Super-Man #3