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Doctor Manhattan Kills The Reverse Flash

Doctor Manhattan Kills The Reverse Flash

  So that’s how Reverse Flash died… still not enough details. They could have just left it alone in this scene if there wasn’t even any dialogue from Doctor Manhattan. I […]

Batman And The Flash Time Traveling

Batman And The Flash Time Traveling

  Awesome nod to the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Identity Crisis, and the various origin stories on how the Justice League was formed! Here’s where the two of them ended […]

What Flash Thinks Of Batman (Rebirth)

What Flash Thinks Of Batman (Rebirth)

  Refreshing to see this side of Batman and Flash’s dynamic explored further. As forensic people these two have one more shared interest aside from being super heroes. I also […]

Batman Meets His Father From Flashpoint

Batman Meets His Father From Flashpoint

  Bruce and his father Thomas Wayne actually already met one another in the Convergence event, but it seems to be being glossed over. Was that event scrubbed from everyone’s […]

Death Of Reverse Flash (Rebirth)

Death Of Reverse Flash (Rebirth)

Tough luck for Reverse-Flash – he just got resurrected somehow by the button and he’s now dead again. Am I overthinking it that because there’s a blue hue in the […]

How Kyle Rayner Lost The White Ring

How Kyle Rayner Lost The White Ring

Not entirely sure what Ganthet and Sayd were planning on doing… was it resurrecting the Blue Lantern Corps? And nice tease of sensing Doctor Manhattan there. From – Hal Jordan […]