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Batman Wants Friends

Batman Wants Friends

Wonder Woman: So we’re on again? Once every year. Batman: That’s fine, Diana. But I think we can do better than that. And maybe invite a few friends along in […]

superman bets

Superman Bets

Batman: I thought Ollie would be last. Wonder Woman: Please Bruce–Everyone had their money on you. Then Ollie. Batman: Then you. Superman: Money? Wait. People were gambling? Wonder Woman: Clark, […]

What Would Superman and Batman Fight About?

What Would Superman and Batman Fight About?

Narrator 1: Time out. We didn’t figure out what they’re fighting about. Narrator 2: Does it matter? Narrator 1: Of course! I mean…they wouldn’t fight over a chick. Batman: So […]

Robin And Superboy Wants Wonder Woman

Robin And Superboy Wants Wonder Woman

Batman: We’re very disappointed in both of you. Superman: This was a very simple assignment and you’ve gotten the boy killed. Superboy: Robots? Robin: Robots. Superboy: I get Supes. Robin: […]

superman spies on paradise island

Superman Spies On Paradise Island

Batman: I don’t think it should come as a surprise to anyone that Clark is having a hard time letting go. Diana called last week to say that he was […]

superman's better

Superman is Better With Words

Wonder Woman: Superman, I was– Superman: Worried. I get it. But we only want to help. Green Lantern: How come when I said that, she wouldn’t listen? The Flash: Superman’s […]

Green Arrow Tries To Join The Justice League

Green Arrow Tries To Join The Justice League

Green Arrow: You already know the name’s Green Arrow–world’s greatest archer and best candidate for the Justice League. Green Lantern: Oh, come on. You’re really trying to pitch us? I’ve […]

aquaman is real

Green Lantern Doesn’t Know Aquaman Is Real

Superman: Who are you? Batman: They call him Aquaman. Green Lantern: Aquaman? I thought Aquaman was a sketch on Conan O’Brien. Aquaman: I’m very real. Green Lantern: First Batman’s real, […]