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How The Guardians Captured Volthoom

How The Guardians Captured Volthoom

  After Green Lantern Jessica Cruz talks down Volthoom and gains his trust, the Guardians swoop in with a cheap shot. At this point I’m really not surprised how low […]

Volthoom Kills Z’kran Z’rann

Volthoom Kills Z’kran Z’rann

I’m sad Z’kran Z’rann died while fighting the First Lantern, Volthoom. He seems to have the most intriguing back story out of all the first 7 Green Lanterns. I would […]

The 1st 7 Green Lanterns VS Volthoom

The 1st 7 Green Lanterns VS Volthoom

  Some fans aren’t pleased that the first 7 Green Lanterns are dropping like flies in their first engagement. I think, eventhough I want to know more stories from them, […]