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cyclops swearing

Beast Likes The Word Girlfriend

Agent Brand: If I say it’s S.W.O.R.D. business, then that’s exactly what it is, one-eye– Cyclops: I swear to you, I will cut your head off and hide the ****ing […]

wolverine is heavy

Blame The Beer

Storm: I said you were heavy. Armor: It’s the beer. Wolverine: Shaddap. – Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 #26

if Wolverine Came Up With The Code Names

If Wolverine Came Up With The Code Names

Armor: Oh, I couldn’t sleep. I need a new X-name. Beast: This again? Armor: Logan keeps making fun or “Armor.” I’m really tired, Dr. Mccoy. Beast: We’ll get you some […]

Wolverine Can Speak Japanese

Armor: *It’s really shameful that a killer gorilla passes as teacher here. Wolverine: *Since you do nothing but complain, aren’t you shaming your ancestors? Armor: I’m never gonna make X-man. […]

excalisuck 2

Where Washed Up X-Men Are Transferred

Wolverine: Kid… You’re fired. We get back to Earth, you’re demoted to Excalisuck or some damn team. Armor: They were lining up civilians! To kill them! Wolverine: That ain’t the […]

The Thing Doesn't Like Canadians

The Thing Doesn’t Like Canadians

Wolverine: Oughta be grateful. The Thing: Grateful? Wolverine: Monstro was practically capped ‘fore you bothered to show. The Thing: Didn’t they come up with a cure for your kind? Wolverine: […]

How The X-men Screen Out Fakes

How The X-men Screen Out Fakes

Nick Fury: How do you know your Colossus is the genuine article in the first place? Emma Frost: I read his mind. Beast: I matched his DNA. Wolverine: I smelled […]