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wolverine kills crimson commando

Wolverine Kills The Crimson Commando

  Despite the mutants being endangered, Wolverine had no problems capping Crimson Commando off. At least I think he did kill him. After all, Crimson Commando has not made any […]

crimson commando tortures hope summers

The Crimson Commando Tortures Hope Summers

We’re used to seeing Wolverine, X-23 or Deadpool heal from grievous injuries. But there’s really something different when you see others get hurt despite knowing that they’ll never die, or […]

Why Wolverine Avoids Hope Summers

Why Wolverine Avoids Hope Summers

  At the end of the Second Coming story arc, Emma Frost had a vision where Hope Summers was engulfed in the flames of the Phoenix. Naturally, Wolverine is not […]

Old Man Logan Stabs Gabrielle

Old Man Logan Stabs Gabrielle

  The Inhuman Ulysses predicted that Old Man Logan would kill Gabrielle, Wolverine’s protege or ward or whatever their relationship is. We have to wait until the next issue if […]

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6

  They can’t see you because you’re not part of the MCU! I’m actually surprised you’re in the same movie studio! From – Spider-Man – Deadpool #6