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Storm Takes Out Beast (IVX)

Beast, as usual, proves to be a traitor to his kind. Good to see at least that the usual neutral Storm is the one who takes him out. From – […]

The X-Men VS The Sisterhood

The X-Men VS The Sisterhood

  I love the one liner banter during the fight. 😀 And sneaky tactic by Cyclops to take down Madelyne Pryor: switching the body of his other ex-wife Jean Grey. […]


Aunt May VS Wolverine

That went exactly how I called it. Even Wolverine had the good sense not to tussle with an old woman. From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #520


Aunt May Meets Captain America

  You can trust Captain America to always know what to say and put someone at ease. Wolverine, on the otherhand, is someone you can never trust with redheads. From […]

Wolverine VS Kruun

Wolverine VS Kruun

“Quit with the posturing. The stink of what you’ve been doing is all over you. You’re torturing my friends. Summers, too.” I think that tells us what Scott Summers’ place […]

Breakworlders Settle In San Francisco

Breakworlders Settle In San Francisco

  I bet these guys wouldn’t even be the strangest people you’ll see at San Francisco. Kruun was referring to his fights with Colossus and Wolverine in the previous issues. […]

kruun confronts the x-men

Kruun Confronts The X-Men

  Psylocke’s deadpan “Thanks” to Doctor Nemesis’ outburst was hilarious. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #538

kruun vs wolverine

Kruun VS Wolverine

  I never thought of it that way. So technically, any mutant with telekinesis can beat Wolverine. Just lift him off the ground then stab him in the back. From […]

wolverine kills crimson commando

Wolverine Kills The Crimson Commando

  Despite the mutants being endangered, Wolverine had no problems capping Crimson Commando off. At least I think he did kill him. After all, Crimson Commando has not made any […]