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Raptor (Nightwing Volume 4 #30)

Raptor (Nightwing Volume 4 #30)

  The last time we saw Raptor, he kidnapped Bruce Wayne and dueled Nightwing in a scrapyard. Raptor lost and even had his arm snapped in half by an enraged […]


Nightwing Volume 4

A complete list of all Nightwing Volume 4 posts in chronological order. Nightwing Vol. 4 #1 Nightwing Working For The Parliament Of Owls Nightwing Meets Raptor Nightwing Describes Raptor’s Fighting […]

Nightwing Meets Raptor

Nightwing Meets Raptor

That’s a hell of an entrance for Raptor – beating Nightwing in a fist fight. From – Nightwing Vol. 4 #1

Mera Recruits Tempest

Mera Recruits Tempest (Rebirth)

A Titans cameo in Aquaman! Tempest revealed on a previous Titan issue that he was trained in the arts of the Silent School, a group of sorcerers from Atlantis. From […]

Red Hood And The Outlaws VS KGBeast

Red Hood And The Outlaws VS KGBeast

  For a low tier villain, KGBeast was impressive in taking down Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro simultaneously. It was only when Nightwing joined the fight that the numbers game […]