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Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

  Not the least surprised that Green Lantern Guy Gardner threw the first punch, or even chose a punch as his mode of attack. What’s troubling though is his casual […]

My Shazam Vol. 3 #3

  After King Kid’s introduction in the previous issue, some action finally happens in his realm! And we get to learn more about the 7 lands within the Magiclands.

The Magiclands (Shazam! Vol. 3 #3)

The Magiclands (Shazam! Vol. 3 #3)

  The magiclands divided into 7 areas: the funlands, gamelands, darklands, monsterlands, wildlands, wozenderlands and the earthlands. From – Shazam! Vol. 3 #3