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Tag: star wars

The Emperor Trolls Darth Vader

The Emperor Trolls Darth Vader

  Not sure what the Emperor was aiming at here when he gave Padme Amidala’s old ship to Darth Vader. Didn’t know he had a trollish sense of humor. From […]

Darth Vader Kills 2 Inquisitors

Darth Vader Kills 2 Inquisitors

  Darth Vader, running out of Jedi to hunt, turns on two Inquisitors and hunts them amidst Coruscant’s busy sky lanes. Why them? Maybe because he saw them developing feelings […]

Darth Vader VS Eeth Koth

Darth Vader VS Eeth Koth

  Sad for Jedi Master Eeth Koth. He was one of the first Jedi Council members I remember learning about since his similarity to Darth Maul. To have your child […]