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Tag: Superboy

Robin And Superboy Wants Wonder Woman

Robin And Superboy Wants Wonder Woman

Batman: We’re very disappointed in both of you. Superman: This was a very simple assignment and you’ve gotten the boy killed. Superboy: Robots? Robin: Robots. Superboy: I get Supes. Robin: […]

batman's never late

Batman’s Never Late

Superboy: Ha, you totally owe me lunch, early bird. I knew they wouldn’t even be here yet. Robin: Yeah, well, don’t count your chicken nuggets yet. It’s not like him […]

robin and superboy in trouble

Robin and Superboy In Trouble

Robin: We’re late. Superboy: We’re not late. Robin: And we’re in enough trouble as it is. Superboy: What trouble? Robin: They want to talk to us together, Conner. Every time […]