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Tag: superman/batman

batman's thoughts on the robins

Batman’s Thoughts On The Robins

Batman: I’m reminded of when I would first patrol with Robin. My gut instinct was to leap into every fray. Dick Grayson, being the first Robin, despite having all the […]

batman's never late

Batman’s Never Late

Superboy: Ha, you totally owe me lunch, early bird. I knew they wouldn’t even be here yet. Robin: Yeah, well, don’t count your chicken nuggets yet. It’s not like him […]

robin and superboy in trouble

Robin and Superboy In Trouble

Robin: We’re late. Superboy: We’re not late. Robin: And we’re in enough trouble as it is. Superboy: What trouble? Robin: They want to talk to us together, Conner. Every time […]

how batman handles superman

How Batman Handles Superman

Superman: Batman! I can’t tell if you’re in jeopardy. I’ll– Batman: It’s nothing. And stay off this comm-link. Do you want me to call Lois? Superman: Now that was a […]